Peace of the Earth Farm (POTE)

Peace of the Earth Farm cultivates vegetables, herbs, and flowers using organic methods (not yet certified). We value fresh food, high crop diversity, community interaction, health of the "agro-ecosystem", and sustainable, organic methods of farming. We believe that our local community will benefit greatly from the cycle of local dollars to local food.
You can contribute to our farm by pledging your support for our kickstarter campaign


Our CSA program is currently on hold while we rehabilitate our soil. If you would like to support Peace of the Earth Farm, please pledge your support for our kickstarter campaign.

Monday, January 30, 2012

New Website!

We're very excited to announce the launching of our brand new website:

Our website was designed by the very talented Erin at Erin Morton Creative. If you have website needs, give her a buzz!

2012 Kickstarter Fundraiser- Soil Rehab and Farm Stand Infrastructure Project

Please check out our kickstarter campaign and consider pledging your support! The purpose of this campaign is to raise money for some much needed projects on the farm. Your pledge of support will only be charged if we meet our goal of $12,000 by March 3rd. 

Primarily these funds will help us, 1- organically rehabilitate our soil; 2-purchase infrastructure for a self serve farm stand; and 3- purchase a deer fence for the farm. Our campaign fundraising goal will help us acquire the bare minimum for these projects and will specifically help us acquire: well composted manure, organic lime soil amendment, soil testing, organic cover crop seeds, a small walk-in refrigerator, sliding glass door refrigeration unit, and mesh wire electric livestock fencing. If we raise more than expected with this campaign we will use the funds to purchase higher quality materials for these projects as well as other projects on the farm. Thanks in advance and please spread the word!

Check here to check out the campaign and pledge your support!