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Peace of the Earth Farm cultivates vegetables, herbs, and flowers using organic methods (not yet certified). We value fresh food, high crop diversity, community interaction, health of the "agro-ecosystem", and sustainable, organic methods of farming. We believe that our local community will benefit greatly from the cycle of local dollars to local food.
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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sign Up Now for Next Year's CSA Programs!

We are now taking applications for next year's CSA programs. Since we only have a limited amount of spots we will need to have our customers fill out an initial application. Please email us at and we'll send you an application. If we have space and we can accomodate you we will send you a CSA agreement and your spot will be reserved for next year's farm goodness.

We have decided to offer serveal different options for next year's CSA. Now we have 4 CSA programs to choose from:

Summer Vegetable CSA- 12 installments, delivered weekly, $360 ($30/per installment), Mid June to Mid September

With enough vegetables to feed 2 to 4 adults, this CSA is a wonderful way to get more vegetables for your buck! Each week you will receive a box of vegetables as well as a small bouquet of flowers. Each week will vary in content as more vegetables come to delicious fruition.

Start (transplant) CSA- 6 installments of starts, delivered about every two weeks, mid May through early August, $150 ($25/per installment)

From arugula to zinnias, we'll provide all the starts you'll need for a wonderful summer and fall garden. Each installment, which will contain a mixture of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, will be timed to promote the best success of a particular plant. We'll take you from the first plantings of the spring right on through the summer for a successful fall and winter garden.

Flower CSA- 12 installments, delivered weekly, $120 ($10/per installment), mid June through mid September

We all need some color in our lives. Enjoy a lovely medium sized arrangement of flowers brought right to your door each week. Include this CSA with the Start CSA and receive $20 off!

Farm Dollar CSA- You Choose the Amount

Farm dollars are designed for those who like the idea of the CSA but enjoy more choices. Here's how it works: buy the farm dollars in May and exchange for farm goodness later in the growing season. Exchange at our farm stand or simply arrange for a delivery by email or phone. Choose from any available starts, vegetables or flowers!

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