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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A bunch of pictures from our day on the farm -- First Harvest!!

The following pictures were all taken today. As you can see, the farm is coming along. However, we did find that a few of our tomatoes had been nibbled on by a sneaky raccoon or a devious deer. All part of being farmers, I suppose. We plan to put a deer fence up soon; we will acquire some old fish nets from our local fishermen and string them between tall posts. Hopefully, that will at least keep the deer out. Not much we can do about raccoons. Anyone have any ideas?

These pictures show the various crops we are growing. Also, the hoop house can be seen. We will provide a more detailed description of how we fashioned the hoop house in a future blog. We finally harvested some lettuce today and shared the heads with our friends in the neighborhood. We made a delicious salad with our head. The leaves were so crisp and fresh...nothing like fresh lettuce just pulled from the ground. Please enjoy the photos and let us know if you have any questions or want to share some comments. 

Some of the images have been cropped. If you want to see the whole image, just click on it! Another window will open in Photobucket.

Maddy on the farm

Hoop House (before end walls)


Tomato trellised

Hoop House (before end walls)





lettuce and chard

Sewn clover




Grapes and berries


Brian weeding long shot

Brian weeding

Long Shot of Farm with Hortenova strung

Hoop House (before end walls)

Maddy and Hillary Harvesting

First Harvest

Kale and Swiss Chard Harvest

Lettuce Harvest

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