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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Hard Day's Work

We went out to the farm today and got some good work done. First, Hillary used our small scythe to cut down the cover crop we had sewn in the remaining unplanted area. We then "forked" the soil to break it up and get it ready for the small tiller. I spent quite a bit of time using the tiller today. The remaining grass and weeds that I was trying to till through kept getting wrapped up in the blades. It was quite a pain to keep pulling soil and grass out of the machine. We finally got through it, but not without a horrible casualty...

What I thought was an enormous weed was actually a sunflower. Hillary watched in horror across the field as I drove over the sunflower with the tiller not once, but three times. Needless to say, Hillary was not happy with me. She eventually forgave me, but the sunflower isn't going to recover.

I cut a trench and buried our main line for irrigation that ran across the field. A mower is coming through and I sure didn't want the main line to get cut into a million little pieces. The drip tape has been working out for us very well and we need to ensure that our set-up stays safe from the angry blades of the John Deere.

Finally, we laid some more drip tape in the fields for our new seeds (beans). It was a good days' work on the farm. Maddy spent her time out there playing in the mud. She eventually stripped down to her skivvies and smeared mud al over herself in homage to Lord of the Flies...such an awesome little kid.

I took a bunch of picture today and will post them tomorrow. The corn looks great and we want to share. Tomatoes all have fruit on them. Beets, carrots, onions and lettuce look incredible. I hope some of you can share in our harvest!


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